1960-1964 Overview

  • The first jumps at Scone were recorded by Scottish Television

  • By June 1960 the club was using a De Havilland Rapide

  • The first training course took place at Scone in June 1960, lasting for two weeks and using the services of RAF parachute instructors Sergeants Pete Denley and Keith Teesdale, both British parachuting team members

  • There were 13 people on this first course, during which Doc qualified as an Assistant Instructor

  • The earliest first jump courses taught a short freefall delay, static line jumping not having been developed in a sport parachuting context at this time

  • The pioneering nature of the club and the sport at this time was dramatically brought home by a fatality during the first training course on Kenneth Moston's second jump. This was only the 37th jump done with the club, on the 8th June 1960

  • Another course was run in September using the same format - several weeks at Scone using the same RAF instructors

  • On the 1st October 1961 Stan Moffat died parachuting at Scone. This was the 548th jump at SPC

  • By 1963 Doc had obtained his Advanced Instructor rating and the club was becoming self sufficient in instructors.

  • In 1964 Doc obtained his Instructor Examiner rating

  • The club initially operated at Scone, and stayed there for 3 seasons before a season over the border at Carlisle

  • The Scottish Championships were organised by the club for several years from 1961, culminating in a series of annual competitions at the Naval Airbase at Arbroath

  • Other members who contributed greatly to the running of the club during  this period were Tom Dickson, Jock Hall and Mac Fraser

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