Club Equipment Log

Here are a few extracts from an equipment log kept by the club in it's earliest years. The log records packing and maintenance and other details of the club mains and reserves.

The component parts -Sleeves, canopies and packs (containers) - were individually identified.

 In the signature column we can see the names of :
Keith Teesdale - one of the RAF instructors whom Charles Robertson brought up from England to conduct the first training courses.
Stan Moffat - who was killed parachuting during the latter part of 1961
Charles Robertson

By 1966 about 19 main chutes were on the register - mostly C9 canopies, with some T10's and a GQ 32 foot.

The remarks about canopies being out of service for taping refer to parachutes being fitted with steering modifications - i.e. slots. Thus in 1966 even some of the main canopies in use were still not steerable.

The letters beside the serial number column on the far left - SB, DB, TBG, DL, TT, TU - refer to the type of steering slots that were cut into the parachute.

About 15 reserve parachutes were on the club register at this time also. These were mostly T7's and T7A's. These were 24 foot round canopies that were first designed around the late 1940's. The 'T' in the name refers to the fact that these were designed as military - or Troop - carrying parachutes. 

The names of Gordon Fernie, Ian McLennan and George McEwan also appear at the bottom of  this page.

Mrs. Maline repaired one of the parachutes on this page - I wonder if she was a rigger ?

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