Strathallan Airfield

The club moved its operation to Strathallan Airfield in 1966, where a new airfield was being set up by William and David Roberts. The Roberts owned the land and were in the process of setting up aviation businesses near their family home - Strathallan Castle on Strathallan estate. Initially the runway was a field in front of the castle and the aircraft hangar were located near the castle too. Parachuting lifts would take off from Strathallan and drop on the moors a few miles away near Gleneagles hotel. Over the years a larger runway and hangars were developed which remain in use by the parachute club to this day.

Here is an article from a 1964 "Flight" magazine mentioning the usage of the airfield and the Helio Courier pictured below,

The first day of jumping at Strathallan, January 1966 from a short take off and landing Helio Courier.
 The aircraft hangar is located beside the castle, and is still there to this day - see next photograph of the 'farm' building'

Mac Fraser and the Helio Courier January 1966

Back L to R: Jock Hall, Bob Thomson, ?,Mac Fraser, Tom Dickson
Front L to R: ?,?, Gordon Fernie at Strathallan in1966

Ron Hart and Gordon Fernie April 1966 about to depart Strathallan airfield to jump onto Gleneagles moor DZ

DZ party duties at the moor near Gleneagles Hotel. Initially all drops were made onto the moor, then experienced jumpers were allowed to land on the airfield at Strathallan.

The original hangar being built at Strathallan, during 1966. Built by Barnet and Morton of Kirkcaldy

Bob Thomson and the Terrier on the day of his 100th jump, 19th November 1966. Meanwhile in Nantwich, Cheshire, the author of this history was being born.

Tony Smith on his 1st jump in 1966 - Tony went on to become the CCI in 1980

Marseilles Peraz, a visiting Frenchman and Tony Smith (late'66 / early '67). The above 2 photographs show the student kit of the time.

Strathallan Estate prior to the airfield's development

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