1970-1974 Overview

  • In 1972 various parachuting organisations in Scotland formed the Scottish Sport Parachute Association, as a means of qualifying for Scottish Sports Council grants which could be spent on Scottish parachuting developments. 

  • Regular competitions and events started to re-appear on the Scottish calendar, putting Scotland on the map for visitors from the South. 

  • The SSPA re-launched the Scottish National Championships in 1973, which had been started by SPC in 1961, but had not been run since 1968 in Scotland. 

  • The Skymasters Display Team was formed in 1970, the first display jump being onto the front lawn at Gleneagles Hotel on the 25th April

  • In 1973 Tony Smith qualified as in instructor

  • The accuracy pit was constructed in 1973

  • On 31st October 1971 Ken Cassidy lost his life parachuting at the club

  • David Roberts, SPC pilot and Strathallan landowner died in a plane crash in 1971

  • Bill McLennan makes 50 jumps in 7 hours, a British record,  on the 28th October 1972 to raise funds for the club. Sir William Roberts also donates 100 to the cause

  • In 1973 Gordon Fernie was a member of the BPA Council

  • 1973 Jump prices : Static Line 1.80, 4200ft 1.10, 5000ft 1.35, 7000ft 1.65,10000ft 2.00

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