1970-74 Pictures 1

Pete Fraser, Strathallan October 1970

Tony Smith, Tom Dickson, Ian McLennan and Marlene MacPherson (packing) beside the main hangar building.

A colour view of the Strathallan airstrip, showing the full length of runway that was in use during the airfields heyday. The other airstrips that have been used -

Blue : the location of the original airstrip when the Strathallan was first used for flying in the 1960's, before the utilization of the field now used for flying.
An alternative runway used as appropriate for depending on winds etc. Displaced by the construction of the Museum hangar.
Black :
The present runway, with the extension runway shown by the dashed line. The extension runway is no longer used.

A lift for C 207 Alpha Kilo. This was one of two 207's used by SPC. Both owned and operated by Cirrus Aviation, and belonging to the David and William Roberts, the airfield owners and operators. The club operated outside on the tarpaulins, which were used for packing.

Category system circa 1974

Another view of the club and tarpaulins and the two Cessna 207's. Having two C207's made the lift capacity of SPC large by UK standards. Note the manifest blackboard, and the Harvard aircraft which was part of the Strathallan Aircraft Collection.

Club Instructor Gordon Fernie appeared in this advert for Black and White Whisky in 1972. The photograph was taken above Bridlington by Charles Shea-Simmonds, and the photograph and advertising campaign was used worldwide.

Training jumps for the final photograph

A publicity card for the Golden Lions and Scottish Army  from the early 1970's. The Tripacer aircraft was based at Strathallan.

Border Shield Trophy Prize giving 1972

L to R: Ian McLennan, Pete Fraser, Gordon Fernie, Kerry Noble, Unknown, and Rob Noble Nesbitt 

Kerry Noble and Pat with Border Shield Trophy

Demo jump into Gleneagles Hotel, August 1973

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