1970-74 Pictures 2

Scottish Nationals 1972 including Pete Fraser, Al McMillan,  Dave Payne, Ian (Wobby) Robertson, and Gordon Fernie

Jean Christie mending her parachute..

Packing Certificate 1974

SSPA membership 1974

The club did an annual water jump into Loch Earn, for the Water Ski Championships - that is until this particular jump!

Bob Hasted, Dave McPherson, Mary Keith, 
Jim Sloan and Tony Smith

Tony Smith's malfunction on a water jump display in 1974 was typically reported by the press.

Pete Fraser, left and Sandy Phillips, right,  were club members in the 1970's. 
Here pictured on a jumping trip to Spain with one of the local jumpers.

Ian (Wobby) Robertson started jumping at Strathallan , but after gaining his instructor's rating , worked for several years at Thruxton, one of the few full time DZ's in the UK at the time. Here he is on the left of this group photograph, and also at work dispatching from a Rapide in the photograph above.

Airfield Manager David Marris and the Strathallan Tri Pacer Aircraft. The grass where the tractor is parked is the grass area between the club and the museum hangars now, where the fuel tanks are located. 

Ian McLennan 1971, Balerno display, Edinburgh

Ian McLennan, Pete Fraser and Gordon Fernie posing before a Red Baron's display with the Tripacer

Ian (Wobby) Robertson, 1971

Ian (Wobby) Robertson loading up an aircraft before heading off to do a display in Oban for which he was the ground crew

Ian McLennan, Gordon Fernie and Tom Dickson after landing on a Red Baron's display

Gordon Fernie exits above Strathallan with beer tankard in hand.
The additional runway, that led from the hangars to the river is clearly visible in the background.

Ian McLennan, Gordon Fernie and Tom Dickson catch a midweek jump at Glasgow airport

Ken Cassidy, who was killed on a jump in 1971

Gordon Fernie about to sneak in a jump from a Tiger Moth, October 1970

2 of the club's girl members pose for the camera

Tony Smith (in face warming/student scaring mask) and student Ricky Fleming

Group Shot of S.S.P.A.Nationals held at Strathallan on 18/19 May 1974 including - 
 Stewart Robertson, John Kemley, Ian MacLennan, Alistair Campbell, George Norrie, Dave Payne, Mark Rials, Davie Laing, Lillian Ayres, Bob Hasted, Mary Keith, Tony Smith, Sandy Inglis, Rod Stuart, Dave McPherson, George Phillips, Sandy Spence

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