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The above two images show Strathallan Airfield in June 1975, both pictures taken from Lancaster G-BCOH which was finally arriving after its long voyage from Canada to join the Aircraft Collection.
1977 Advert in Sport Parachutist magazine

Tam Reilly being briefed by Al McMillan 

Prize giving at the 1975 Scottish Championships - Lady Roberts presenting the trophies, 
John Kemley presides with clipboard


Harry Morgan and Para-Commander

Judges Al McMillan, Dan MacKinnon of the Golden Lions, John Kemley and Biff Burn 
awaiting an accuracy approach at the pit

Harry Morgan on a good day

Alastair McMillan and Biff Burn

The Strathallan Aircraft Society occupied the main building and hangar. Here Mary Keith, Ricky Fleming, Harry Morgan, and Billy Somerville wait outside on a good weather day.  The manifest is the blackboard.

1977 Packing Certificate

L to R: Biff Burn going for his 1000th jump, with Clark Lerch and Alistair MacMillan on the 23rd May 1976

The Scottish Team head off to the Four Nations Meet in Farrenfore in Southern Ireland, August 1977- 
Left to right : Richard Arkle, Billy Somerville, Mark Conrad, Mary Keith, Sandy Spence, Ricky Fleming, and Harry Morgan

Ricky Fleming, Mary Keith, Harry Morgan, Sandy Spence, Kath McCormack, Mark Conrad, Richard Arkle and Billy Somerville at the airport on the way back - with the trophy

1978 SSPA Meet -  Wobby in background with Ricky Fleming 

Irish Team at the SSPA Meet 1978 - with Wobby and Sandy Spence.
These Irish jumpers were amongst those killed in a plane crash shortly after this in Southern Ireland

Billy Somerville, Kath McCormack, Harry Morgan and Richard Arkle as winners of the SSPA Meet 1978

Post Meet Celebrations in the pub in Auchterarder

Advanced Rigger Ian (Wobby) Robertson models his then state of the art rig - made by himself

Ian Aitken and Tony Smith

Door jam in the Strathallan mockup 

Club Instructor and Rigger for all Scotland, Ian (Wobby) Robertson

Harry Morgan's Potential Instructor course at Sibson

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