1975-79 Pictures Page 2

Dinger Bell and student

Billy Somerville watching a lift

Nick Luke and Mike Fleming 

Doug Abbott, Sue Arthur, Dinger Bell, Billy Forrester (Golden Lions), Cath McCormack

Group including Sandy Spence, Sue Arthur, Frank Davis, 
Dan MacKinnon, Chris Clements, Pete Marroney

Sandy Spence, Mark Conrad

 Mark Conrad, Billy Somerville, Sandy Spence, Mary Keith

Chris Clements

Pat McLennan

Clark Lerch

Clark Lerch and Biff Burn

Harry Morgan on a display jump 

After a display jump into a pub - including the landlord and Ricky Simpson (from Rhodesia), Kenny Davidson , Richard Arkle, Marlene McPherson, Don Bruce, Sheena Addison, Archie McDiarmid, Harry Morgan

Dead centre award from the 1977 Scottish Nationals

L to R: ?, Lillian Ayres, ? and Mary Keith

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