1975-1979 Overview

  • The club continued at Strathallan utilizing the two Cessna 207's of Cirrus Aviation, the aviation business of William and David Roberts. Alongside SPC, a club called Paraclan also operated at Strathallan. Paraclan operated in parallel with SPC, using the same aircraft but having its own instructors and equipment, and running its own events.

  • In 1976 Tony Smith qualified as an Advanced Instructor

  • In 1979 Tony Smith qualified as an Instructor Examiner

  • The club operated full time from February 1978, but also this year the airfield and its activities were scaled down. Airfield manager Ronnie Groat and Paraclan moved to Glenrothes, having bought one of the Cessna 207's -  the other one was sold to an English drop zone. The club then used a Reims Rocket belonging to Ian Hamilton until June 1980, when the aircraft crashed. 

  • The club utilized just a couple of rooms in the main Strathallan hangar building, with its equipment kept in a transport container outside. Packing was also done outside, on tarpaulins. 

  • Tragically, Ailsa Ramsey was killed on a jump at the club on 25th November 1978.

[I have made little if any distinction between the members of SPC and Paraclan. Although these were separate clubs I do not yet have the knowledge or inclination to separate out the two. If anyone wishes to furnish me with the appropriate information to correct the data presented so far, please feel free.]

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