1980 Pictures

Grant Willoughby, Barry Smith, Trevor Newberry and Harry Morgan above Strathallan
Picture by Ronnie Taylor

Billy Somerville and team dirt diving

A composite picture joined by Chris Clark (notice the split sky) ; but showing the club as it was in the early 1980's, located on the wood side of the museum building.

Tony Smith, Ian Aitken and Dave Richard practice an exit from Golf Victor, Pilot Shane Cadzow looks on

1st June 1980 - Frank Davis (left) and Paul Norman. 
Note the cross on Frank's helmet for students to use as an aiming point when learning relative work.

Frank Davis

14th September 1980 - Frank Davis (top) and Tony Smith do the first two stack in Scotland


Tony Smith , CCI 1980-81

Sue Arthur

Sue Arthur and Harry Morgan

Jumping display during the Aircraft Society Airshow

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