1983 Pictures

The first SPC 4 stack

Club Instructors on an SPC hosted BPA instructor course:
Barry Smith, Linda Haxton, Rob Noble Nesbitt and Felicity Martin

Group shot from the instructor course - including Paul Murray, Bren Jones, Linda Haxton, Mike Barwick, Tony Butler, Baz Bias, Jeff Chandler, Avro Shackleton, Ian Rossenvinge, John Hitchen, Kerry Noble, Tony Knight, Felicity Martin, Rob Noble-Nesbitt, Frank Davis, Barry Smith and Bob Smith

Felicity Martin receives the BPA Instructor of the Year Award from BPA Council Member Martin Rennie and CCI Rob Noble-Nesbitt

6th August 1983 : Frank Davis' 1000th jump
L to R: Bob Little, Jim Agnew, Dave Richard, Frank (kneeling), Tony Smith

Team "Macho Overload" 1983 (possibly 1984) Scottish Nationals: Frank Davis, Dave "Chopper" Cowell, Kjartan Reithaug and Martyn Dicker

Jim Agnew and Harry Morgan by Ronnie Taylor

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