1991 Pictures

David Cunningham

Richard Buchan ready to video Mike Strachan on a tandem jump

Bill Service

Mrs Heggies Famous Chocolate Cake 4 way team, with sponsor
 Scottish National Championships 1991:
Dave Connolly, Kevin McPhillips, Mrs Heggie, Bill Service

Gordon Fernie

Ronnie Groat and Martin Rennie on runway duties

Katherine Andrewes

Scottish Nationals 1991

Gerry McAnally during the very brief period in 1991 when STC deemed it ok to jump without helmets, before the CAA reneged since skydivers typically  fly without seat belts

Ronnie Groat and the Red Barons for displays into Tillicoultry over the summer

Gerry McAnally, Mike Strachan and student, and Graham Harris
Photograph by Colin Bridges

3 shots of Tim Andrewes

Winnie and Craig Ewing and Wilma Strachan at Zephyrhills, April 1991

Red Barons 1991:
Bill Service, John McVean, Gordon Fernie,
  Frank McConnell, Eddie Evenden

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