1995-2000 Overview

  • Club Treasurer Doug Malcolm arranged a 50,000 grant from the National Lottery towards a new aircraft. 

  • Doug Malcolm and Kieran Brady appear on the National Lottery TV show to collect the 50,000 cheque with which Brittan Norman Islander G-LOTO is purchased

  • The club is one of only a few parachute centres in Great Britain to own and operate 3 aircraft.

  • Doug also arranges for 16,000 grant towards student equipment from the Arts Foundation

  • In 1995, Kieran Brady refurbishes the club canteen and kitchen

  • 'Air Ecosse', a club 4 way team win the silver medal at the British Nationals in 1996 and 1998

  • In 1997 the packing table  from the main hangar was moved through to the back of the hangar to provide a dedicated rigging area

  • In 1999 Karen Farr becomes Club Chief Instructor

  • The British Formation Skydiving Record of 100 persons linked in freefall takes place in Nottinghamshire, England. On the jump are 8 Scottish jumpers. Kieran Brady was one of the BPA organisers of the jump. Graham Harris is the jump captain for the Scottish contingent. Other Scottish jumpers are Gerry McAnally, Mike Strachan, Billy Somerville, Sandy Oliver, Phil O'Connor, Sandy McRobbie and Scott MacDonald

  • In 1999 the club launches its website www.skydivestrathallan.co.uk

  • In August 2000, the Islander aircraft which had been mothballed due to a lack of funds to keep it in service was reluctantly sold

  • In October 2000 Club Instructor Danny Branston was a member of the British 4 way and 8 way skydiving teams at the World Cup in Formation Skydiving in Eloy, Arizona

  • In the year 2000, 40th Anniversary occasions include 

  • Jumping on the 10th April anniversary

  • Visit by Andrew Robertson and his wife, the founder Doc Robertson's son. Andrew made a tandem skydive with instructor John Reid

  • Open Week in August with skills camp by World Champion Jack Jeffries

  • Shower block built - with club members donating time and labour, materials and funds as ever

  • Articles appeared in the national, local and skydiving press regarding the 40th anniversary of the club, which by now is the only remaining British club and one a just a few remaining skydiving clubs in the world

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