My very grateful thanks to the following people,
without whom this project would not have been possible

Chris Clark Eddie Jones Brian Robertson Dave Waterman
Scott Dougall David Drewette Jean Christie James Stevenson
Martin Rennie Kevin McPhillips Clark Lerch Colin Bridges
Kieran Brady Ian Robertson Jim Agnew Felicity Martin
Richard Buchan Bob Thomson Frank Davis Carlton Murphy
Pete Denley Billy Somerville Danny Branston Chris Clements
John Hardie Andy Bremner Tony Smith Gerry McAnally
Duncan Cockburn Harry Morgan Andrew Robertson and family Gordon Fernie
Margaret Issa  George and Laura McEwan

Note on Photographic Credits
Due to the size and nature of this project, it has not so far proved possible to accurately and individually credit all photographers since most pictures come from individual collections that are many years old. 
***If any photographer is offended by this approach, please contact me and I can either remove the photograph or credit you specifically, as you wish.***

The British Parachute Association and their regular magazine Sport Parachutist, 
now  "Skydive - The Mag", for permission to use previously published articles.
The United States Parachute Association
- for use of the Lyle Cameron article
The "Edinburgh Evening News" and "The Scotsman" Newspapers
John Smith at for aircraft collection photographs

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