During development of the website for the Scottish Parachute Club, many people provided pictures and items from the club's past for a section on the club history. These history archives have continued to grow and grow.

The items existed in albums and scrapbooks all around the world getting damaged, lost and forgotten about. This project allows them all to be shared, without any danger to the originals, though some of the pictures are already the worse for years of wear.

The collection should be of interest to anyone who has ever visited or been a member of the Scottish Parachute Club, or who has an interest in the pioneering days of parachuting. 

I hope you enjoy this collection which has been a labour of love of mine for 5 years now. As a newcomer to the club, I accept there are bound to be omissions and inaccuracies. Whilst I apologise for these, I also invite you to contact me with any corrections. 

This is very much a living project and if you can add to it with corrections or contributions, please contact the author.

January 2004

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