Section 1 Military Service
Section 2 RCAF Mk10 AR Details Section 3 Canadian Civilian Life
Section 4 Preparations for Leaving Canada Section 5
Flights from Canada to Strathallan, Scotland

Section 6
Strathallan Life

Section 7
Leaving Strathallan
Section 8
To British Aerospace, Woodford
Section 9
1988 to present
Section 10
KB976 and KB994 Connection
Section 11
Nose and Fuselage Build
Section 12
Documents List 1
Section 13
Documents List 2
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glenn_white Avro Lancaster - The Survivors 
By Glenn White

A detailed survey of all the surviving Lancaster airframes worldwide. Contains full details of their operational careers, subsequent histories, and present whereabouts and condition. Fully illustrated with photos of the aircraft, at various stages of their careers and as currently preserved.